Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ahh...The Sweetness Of Spring

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening to all!!

This here, is my very first blogy post!! Yay!!

I'm sitting here, in front of my laptop, looking out on a simply glorious day!...(quietly wondering just how/if this post will work)....hmmmm

I intend to write about all things lovely, pretty, happy, sunny and gorgeous!...and also to use this blog for speaking shop. My shop that is, which is currently at http://jessandbelle.etsy.com

At my shop you will find many of my little delights and creations! Currently i have cute button rings (that is...well, rings made from gorgeous buttons!...both new and fab vintage finds) and also corsages. Pretty floral corsages to pin to whatever you fancy, be it your jacket, cardi, dress, bag, scarf...the choice is yours!

I plan on adding many more delightful little treasures soon! Whatever you see on my shop, please know that it is there with the pure intention of adding a splash of extra sweetness to your day! What you see there will be colourful, pretty, naturey, happily symbolic and a tad magical! (well, lets hope you view them that way!)

Well, i hope you've enjoyed my first ramblings!...please visit me regularly, both here and at my shop, where i hope to add a little sweet something, to your already wonderful day!!

Much Love,
jess xx

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